Science Fiction Promo – Zoe Hearty and the Space Invaders

Welcome back, travelers, to our midway point in the week along our otherworld journey.  We’ve had a couple of fantasies to begin our week, but we’re shifting gears now to a trippy and entertaining sci-fi that you can enjoy all the way through the end of the weekend.  Read on to learn more about Zoe Hearty and her first adventure against an unstoppable force.

Suspenseful, thrilling, and entertaining throughout, the debut science fiction novel of TE Norris is frighteningly good.  In Zoe Hearty and the Space Invaders, Norris takes body snatcher-style aliens, and cranks them up to eleven.  It’s a great time to be had, especially for readers who enjoy anxiety-drenched, hair-raising twists and turns.  Bringing it all into focus is the wonderful lead character, who is just so different and such a breath of fresh air, even though she’ll make people gasp as she reveals her secrets.

Sci-Fi Thriller meets psychological action in this book about a woman who realises that her husband is possessed by aliens!

What would you do if your other half is a real monster? And I do mean real…

Zoe Hearty is a serial killer. Even Netflix says so.

Well—either that or aliens are real, they invaded Earth and possessed her husband (cheating scum), kids, and God knows who else and Zoe had no choice but to become a killer to stop them and save the world.

At least, that is what Zoe says. But no one wants to hear *that* story!

Though Zoe has the potential to be written like a freight train, her first book allows her to fit as a piece of a great puzzle, and each revelation feels earned and rewarding.  If paranormal, psychological thrillers are your cup of tea, you should really dive into this first Zoe Hearty book by TE Norris.  While there’s some closure, it looks more likely that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of some of the authors characters.  But it all starts here.  Check out Zoe Hearty and the Space Invaders on Amazon today!

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