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The Silver Serpent Chronicles

Silver Serpent

Everything is about to change.

There is a legend in the archipelago of Ippius known as The Silver Serpent: a vigilante who protects the country and the surrounding islands. The legend is very real—a symbol of justice in Argos, but also a hero who remains in the shadows until whenever they are needed. The Silver Serpent protects those who cannot protect themselves, and prevents evil from going forth unchecked.

But who protects the Silver Serpent when she can’t protect herself? When the vigilante is injured, it falls to her young ally to step forward and fight to achieve everything the hero stands for. He doesn’t understand the depth of that mission until he a phenomenon washes over his city, turning ordinary citizens into people with real power. It is up to him to do what he can to keep Argos safe, whatever the cost.

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