The Tinker’s Tales

The Tinker’s Tale

Maximus Xanders, visionary of Atalatha and legendary Knight of Virtue, has just finished his greatest invention. Though known for his technological marvels in weaponry and strategies, his latest venture has a more personal touch. Built in secrecy, the innovation is spied by an unlikely guest. A trade is agreed upon: in exchange for silence on the matter, Maximus will tell a tale of his own meager beginnings.

Decades earlier, when Maximus was a boy just reaching manhood, he longed for a different life. Living among the countryside, his family was everything, with the exception of a passion for tinkering. When his father brought home Charcoal, a stubborn, massive horse, Maximus could never have predicted the friendship that would form, or the bond that would be a part of him for the rest of his life.

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Stealing Seramore

Maximus Xanders has taken on a new protégé in Samuel Ulden. When he takes the lad to the fields to test out his newest invention, he regales him in the story of an epic heist that he and his friends imposed on the wondrous city of Seramore. Along the way, they uncovered a plot that spanned the entire country. Their noble intentions urged them to act, and they found themselves embroiled in more disorder than they could have expected.

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