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The Ancestral Magic Series


MageBorn_TitlingAdelia Kreegan led a normal life until the day her family was viciously torn from her. The miracle of her escape is the curse that haunts her daily. She seeks refuge in the shadows of the nearby city of Viscosa, but an intrinsic ability has brought curious eyes to her.

Gaston Camlann is a sage that can show her how to harness her innate powers. Intrigued by the young woman, he offers to teach her the arcane arts. Throughout their lessons, he will teach her what it means to be a true mage, and the dangers that lie on that road.

In this prequel tale to the Tellest trilogy, The Child of the Stars, we learn about Kaos Kreegan’s sister after the tragedy that struck their family. You can read this tale out of order with The Bindings of Fate and the other books in the trilogy, but you may find it more interesting to read those novels first.

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It has been some time since Adelia Kreegan has taken an apprenticeship with the master sage, Gaston Camlann. Her studies have gone well, and she’s been practicing the arcane arts with much improvement. But when the sorceress Lucinda arrives in Forsynthia, everything Adelia thinks she knows about magic is turned on its head. Things only grow more complicated when an errant spell affects Gaston’s cat, Merlin. The trio of arcanists realizes that the only way to make amends is to travel to the city of Sungarden, where magicians are not so welcome.


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Wild Magic

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