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The Maelstrom

When Icarus Callatuil failed to halt the ritual to banish mankind, it did away with more than just humanity. With magic faded from Tellest, all of the elves have lost the powers they’ve been known for. What’s worse, the magic can no longer protect the world from unseen forces. With Shandranar fallen from the sky, and the oceans swelling with malevolent force, it seems that no one is safe. But what no one expects is that as the humans were ripped from the world, a new race prepares to invade.






Tales of Tellest, Volume 2

A new set of 24 short stories from the best and brightest writers of Tellest.  Michael DeAngelo, Aaron Canton and more bring you stories about quirky thieves, fearless bounty hunters, and bumbling idiots with way more power than they deserve.

Featuring a handful of sequels to your favorite stories from Tales of Tellest, Volume 1, this collection is sure to get your blood pumping once more!

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