Tales of Tellest

Seventeen stories from the world of Tellest are bound in these pages, including five novellas. Four storytellers come together to tell stories of mystery and intrigue, all wrapped in a veil of fantasy.

Enter a world where magic permeates the very air that people breathe. Tellest is a place where the country is as vast and beautiful as it is dangerous, the cities are wondrous and brimming with possibilities, and everything in between is touched by an otherworldly quality. These short stories and novellas will serve as delightful introductions to this up-and-coming fantasy universe.

Tales of Tellest is an affordable way to enter the Tellest universe.  It bundles many stories at a much cheaper price than gathering them individually.  Tales of Tellest Includes the five novellas below.



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MageBorn_TitlingAdelia Kreegan led a normal life until the day her family was viciously torn from her. The miracle of her escape is the curse that haunts her daily. She seeks refuge in the shadows of the nearby city of Viscosa, but an intrinsic ability has brought curious eyes to her. 

Gaston Camlann is a sage that can show her how to harness her innate powers. Intrigued by the young woman, he offers to teach her the arcane arts. Throughout their lessons, he will teach her what it means to be a true mage, and the dangers that lie on that road. 

In this prequel tale to the Tellest trilogy, The Child of the Stars, we learn about Kaos Kreegan’s sister after the tragedy that struck their family. You can read this tale out of order with The Bindings of Fate and the other books in the trilogy, but you may find it more interesting to read those novels first. 

Also available as an audiobook ♫.


Son of the Storm

Son_of_the_Storm_TitlingThe dwarves of Clan Thunderfury toiled away at the dirt beneath the Goldenscale Cliffs. Day by day, they mined the stone and by night they drank away their aches and pains with a mug of frothy mead or ale. All the while, Dorn Thunderfury felt the outcast among his people. More comfortable among the grass and clean air than the mines below, he was often relegated to banal tasks. 

His whole world was shaken by the appearance of the human babe upon the hammer of their ancient king. But when Bolt was adopted by the clan, under his care, his place in it was ought to change. 

When Dorn sat down to tell the tales of his son, they often grew in size and shape. Though there were bound to be some inconsistencies, one thing was true: Even among the dwarves, Bolt was a hero. 

Also available as an audiobook ♫.


The Tinker’s Tale

Maximus Xanders, visionary of Atalatha and legendary Knight of Virtue, has just finished his greatest invention. Though known for his technological marvels in weaponry and strategies, his latest venture has a more personal touch. Built in secrecy, the innovation is spied by an unlikely guest. A trade is agreed upon: in exchange for silence on the matter, Maximus will tell a tale of his own meager beginnings.

Decades earlier, when Maximus was a boy just reaching manhood, he longed for a different life. Living among the countryside, his family was everything, with the exception of a passion for tinkering. When his father brought home Charcoal, a stubborn, massive horse, Maximus could never have predicted the friendship that would form, or the bond that would be a part of him for the rest of his life.

Also available as an audiobook ♫.



The dreamplague grips the elves of Tellest. It is the one thing that threatens their immortality beyond the tip of a sword, or the dancing flames upon the fingers of a hostile wizard.

For eighteen years, Venathryn has been afflicted with the dreamplague. Slowly it has been festering in her mind, wreaking irrevocable damage to her in a place of supposed reverie. Finally having enough, her family employs the services of Maravek, the dreamwalker. Together, the two elves will find what horrors haunt Venathryn’s dreams, and they will discover just how reliable our dreams are when they are plagued by guilt and regret.

Also available as an audiobook ♫.


The Fall

The_Fall_FinalIcarus must intervene before a wicked ritual is completed, or humanity will be banished from the world of Tellest forevermore.  But his people, the elves, have determined that humans are too dangerous to share the realm.  How can he protect the friends that he has made without betraying his race?

Samael is a man scorned whose only desire is to enact vengeance on those who have wronged him.  However, his involvement is the deciding factor in the call to banish humanity.  For the sake of all the races of Tellest, he must work with Icarus to put a halt to the foul dealings.

Also available as an audiobook ♫.