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The Dreamwalker Saga


The dreamplague grips the elves of Tellest. It is the one thing that threatens their immortality beyond the tip of a sword, or the dancing flames upon the fingers of a hostile wizard.

For eighteen years, Venathryn has been afflicted with the dreamplague. Slowly it has been festering in her mind, wreaking irrevocable damage to her in a place of supposed reverie. Finally having enough, her family employs the services of Maravek, the dreamwalker. Together, the two elves will find what horrors haunt Venathryn’s dreams, and they will discover just how reliable our dreams are when they are plagued by guilt and regret.

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With several elves of Aven’adiel safe behind him, Maravek, the dreamwalker, looks forward. Together with his new companion, Vandelas, he journeys to the immense city of Versali-Virai, where word of a new nightmare has reached his ears. Citizens are suffering from horrible dreams, and some have been demonstrating violent tendencies when they wake. Maravek’s quest is made more difficult by the investigation of vigilante named Faradorn, who has his own idea of who is responsible for the ill occurrences in the city.

Releases in 2018

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