Tellest Kickstarter 2016

Tellest would like to thank these noble heroes for making nine new books possible, during the great Kickstartering of 2016:

Erika Castro
Chris Leiby
Rhianna DeAngelo
Matt Moffatt
Larry J Couch
Eve Davis
Marysa and Dave
PurpleMango, Lord of the Blueberries
Anders M. Ytterdahl
Elan Samuel
June Jenssen
Pat McDaniel
Joanna Osterman
Steven Mentzel
The Filipovich Boys
Ashli Tingle
Don Lindsay
Jonathan Hernandez
Lord Jason Esquire of Imaginus
Dayne Lake
RJ Robinson
Andrew Muckin
Roger and Jean Fauble
Steve Lord
The Ball Family

For Those Who Gave Their All

…and 2 anonymous contributors!

Thank you once again to the 40+ people who brought this volume of Tellest storytelling to life.  We hope your efforts are paid for in full by the quality of our writing, and we’re excited beyond belief for the opportunity to bring you these tales!