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Promote Your Book on Tellest

Here at Tellest, we love building our own shared universe, but there’s a myriad of other worlds out there as well.  We invite all dedicated storytellers to consider utilizing the passionate people at Tellest to promote their works.  Read on to learn more about how we can help you.


Promote My Fantasy Book

So, why should you use Tellest to promote your fantasy?  Because Michael is currently the highest-rated fantasy book promoter on Fiverr.

Check out these testimonials from happy customers:

This is an exceptional promotion for Fantasy titles. Michael is a professional to work with and genuinely loves the genre, so his readers are also likewise a great market to promote to. I include this promotion whenever I can. Highly Recommended! – Julie from Galaxy Press






Mike is amazingly helpful and provides a great value service. He genuinely cares about your work and goes above and beyond to do the best he can for you. I will almost certainly be returning to work with him in the future, and encourage other writers to do the same. – Daniel Allen, author of The Broken Prince






Wow! Working with Michael and Tellest was amazing! He is a consummate professional and also just a really good guy. He was on it from the moment I reached out to him, and he kept me fully informed throughout the whole process. I really appreciate how prompt and he was with his responses, as well as taking the lead and seeing that our collaboration ran smoothly. I recommend his service highly and would love to work with him again in the future. – Daniel Thomas Valente, author of The Sins of Kings
If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to head to my Fiverr promotion page, and message me there for information.



Promote My Science Fiction Book
But fantasy is not all that we do here at Tellest and through the Otherworld.  We also love sci-fi, and I’m one of the best-rated sellers for science fiction promotions as well.  If you want to see why you should use Tellest to promote your science fiction book, we have great word of mouth to support that as well.

Michael is just a superstar. He can serve on so many levels, and really goes above and beyond in terms of what he provides, both in interviews and in supplemental marketing materials surrounding those. He’s truly a superstar and I’m glad to be continually working with him! Thanks dude!  – Aaron Ryan, author of the Dissonance series.






I am grateful to have Michael’s support to market my science fiction series. I am always impressed with his professionalism and his consistent going above and beyond to help. Michael is a great resource and I highly recommend. Thank you, Michael. – Andrew Charles, author of the Coalition series.






Mike was very interactive and knew the best approach for marketing my book on the site. I appreciated that he responded quickly to my messages and kept me in the loop. I would highly recommend his services to all Fantasy and Scifi authors. – Tirzah Darnell, author of The Planet of Darkness






As you can see, I have a great track record there, as well.  You can reach out to me on the Fiverr page for my science fiction gig here.

I can usually promote any permutation of speculative fiction book, though I must warn that I typically do not promote material that’s primary focus is to be pornographic.  My recommendation is always that you reach out to me first in order to see if we would be a good fit.


Thank you to all the authors who have previously graced the Otherworld, and to all the ones yet to be featured!

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