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Greetings Otherworld travelers.  We’re at the halfway point of the week, and I’ve got an exciting story to share with you to take you through to the end.  If you’re into deep space adventures, you will love the craze happenings of Proxima Bound.  Read on to learn more.

For readers who are looking for a shorter science fiction story that still packs an awesome punch, author Davi Mai has everything under control.  In Proxima Bound, a tale that takes place on a space cruiser that is bringing humanity to another world in a journey that will take a millennium to complete, the author introduces a cataclysmic event that fans of the genre will feel compelled to see resolved.    Indeed, every step of the way, they’ll want to spend time alongside Mai’s rich and interesting characters, watching as they do their best to cling on to life as dangers continue to unfold.

Humanity’s last hope rests with the colonists aboard the generational starship Attenborough. Bound for Proxima Centauri, a thousand years away. Catastrophe strikes when a reactor meltdown cuts off those in the ship’s front from the rear. Two factions must now struggle to survive.

With four hundred years still to travel, we join a plucky teenager, “Thief”. She’s found a way through the ventilation system, around the radioactive core of the ship and into the front sections. Thief brings back vital components that might help the rear-dwellers connect the ship’s computer. For the first time in hundreds of years, there is hope.

But people are disappearing without a trace, and the makeshift hospital is overflowing with cases of a new virus.

It’s up to Thief to embark on her toughest mission yet. To crawl through the bowels of the ship, the furthest she’s ever been, and find some answers, before there’s no-one left alive.

What she finds at the front of the ship, however, is terrifying.

Promixa Bound will stick in the minds of those reading through it long after its done.  It hits all the right beats, introduces its world and its rules in interesting ways, and doesn’t linger where it ought not.  Although it’s of novella length, it develops things wonderfully, and wraps them up as neat as readers would want.  It’s self-contained, and though the fate of the Attenborough is shown to the reader, Mai could turn around and write a distant sequel in more ways that one if they chose to.  For now though, this space-traveling science fiction is great enough to add to collections on its own.  Check out Proxima Bound on Amazon today!

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