Science Fiction Promo – Blending Grey: A Pulp Cyberpunk Short Story

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our next stop of the week.  Today, we’re going to be looking at a popcorn-fun cyberpunk tale that will definitely be a tasty treat as we move toward closing up the weekend.  Read on to learn more about Blending Grey.

Author Avery P. Michaels arrives on the sci-fi scene with a brief but delightful cyberpunk story that’ll hook readers who are looking for a quick, entertaining escape.  Blending Grey: A Pulp Cyberpunk Short Story is brimming with interesting characters and themes that captivate those along for the ride.  Michaels explores what it means to discover who you are, both inside and out, and then stitches in some quirky and exciting events to boot.  It’s a great story that is elevated by its setting, and the author captures the essence of one fans of the genre are drawn to.

Blending Grey is a pulp cyberpunk short story following Disa Svendsen, as her life falls apart. After undergoing heavy cybernetic modifications from a gig gone sideways, she finds herself indebted to the wrong kind of man. Even her blossoming love to Olsen, a hacker girl, can’t be full trusted when Disa has to reconsider if she wants to do what her family trained her for or what she chooses for herself. Time to stand out or blend in.

Avery P. Michaels presents her debut short Blending Grey – A pulp cyberpunk short story. Trigger Warnings: Strong Language. Violence. Pulp. Bad Writing. And the attention span of a squirrel on a sugar high!

Despite the author’s disclaimer, this is actually a very well-written story that brings readers into a world that they’ll be delight to be lost in.  For fans of cyberpunk, this is just a perfect slice of life for the genre, and it shows that there’s still plenty of room to explore, should Michaels want to continue along in this dismal version of the world.  Even if they don’t though, this story wraps things up in a neat enough bow, and it’s an interesting dive into a darker tale.  It’s popcorn fun, sure, but it’s pulp, not schlock, and those who are looking for a quick story to enjoy will get that here.  Check out Blending Grey: A Pulp Cyberpunk Short Story on Amazon today!

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