Sci-Fi Promo – The Dawn of AI (PAPER WAR Book 1)

Greetings travelers!  I’d like to welcome you as we journey back to the Otherworld.  We’re returning to a world that we’ve been to before, and for good reason.  One of the authors we promoted in the past has brought even bigger and better attention to their book, and we’re looking forward to helping them spread the news.  It is a dystopian sci-fi that will captivate you, as it looks at how the world could collapse with just one or two missteps in the way we treat technology.  Read on to return to the world of The Dawn of AI (PAPER WAR Book 1).

The opening to a sprawling five-book series, The Dawn of AI (PAPER WAR Book 1) is author Ryan LeKodak’s take on the dangerous line we toe when it comes to technology that we might not be able to fully appreciate.  In this hopefully-not-prescient look at what could happen if we don’t treat AI and other rapidly expanding computer mechanization with the utmost respect, the author manages to balance the science with a very real human element.  Clinging to the characters as such, it’s easy to be immersed and captivated by all that occurs, and readers will be invested in the well-being of each member of the interesting cast.

One malfunction…

Millions dead…

The search for answers begins…

In the year 2040, the world’s transportation is dominated by a highly advanced artificial intelligence system.

However, this seemingly perfect technology collapses, resulting in catastrophic disasters and the loss of millions of lives worldwide.

The disaster is dubbed Mayday, and its aftermath affects everyone. But was it simply a malfunction, or is there a more nefarious agenda at work? Who is accountable for the mass slaughter, and why was it carried out?

Will the rise of AI, be the fall of civilization?

While there is a focus on some of the characters’ flaws, LeKodak also sees the extraordinary in everyone, and allows them to champion their strengths even while showing off the parts of them that are less than perfect, ensuring fans will love spending time with them.  And though the author excels across the board at telling a tale that excites and intrigues, it is his command over the world he’s built, with all the action and suspense that comes from an out-of-control technology that will keep readers on their seats.  With four other books in the series on the horizon, there is no better time than now to dive into LeKodak’s wonderful story.  Check out The Dawn of AI (PAPER WAR Book 1) on Amazon today!
Let’s hear it for Ryan LeKodak, who was able to secure a prestigious award for his wonderful story:

The Dawn of AI won the 2023 Readers’ Favorite Book Finalist Award in the Fiction-Action genre!

***Readers’ Favorite Annual Book Award Contest receives thousands of entries from all over the world from independent authors, small publishers, and publishing giants such as Random House, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster, with contestants that range from first-time, self-published authors to New York Times bestsellers.***

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