Character Art – David Garus

Greetings travelers.  We’re down to the last few posts of the year, so we’re going to hit you with some of the tougher characters and places in the Tellest universe that we know of thus far.

We start off with David Garus, who received a brand new look in recent years, and now gets a second look with his new design in mind.  While Dennis van Kessel gave us our first new experience with David Garus from the new timeline, it’s Silky Noire who is giving us our second glance at him.  They start us off with a different sort of pose than we had in the one that we use as our TowerSphere image.  In this case, David stands with his shield behind him.  This gave Silky the opportunity to be able to hide the giant Atalatha sigil, and instead just focus on the little one on David’s belt.

You can start to see those little details a little better here in the second image, which also adds some flat colors to the piece.  There are a decent amount of colors and shades to get right for this piece, and Silky nails it down at every level.  There is so much material to David, making him both a challenge to capture, and one that is awesome to say you’ve accomplished.  Silky did not shy away from the challenge, and achieved a great looking character for Tellest on account of that.

Our final look at David Garus puts more emphasis on shadow and light, making everything appear so much more dynamic.  Silky also added to David’s face, ensuring that he has the battle scars to show previous bouts of combat, and well as a slightly more whiskered face that shows he has some wisdom gained from those encounters as well.  Everything else is nicely accentuated as well, giving us a wonderful new version of the character to add to our gallery.

That might have wrapped us up for today, but we’ve got plenty more from Silky in the future, so make sure to head back this way often!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.