Sci-Fi Promo – Blood on the Blue Moon: A Scifi Mystery Novel (The Broadcloak Files Book 1)

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our second promotion of the week.  We’re sticking with sci-fi for now, but this time around, we’re taking off and venturing off into the great vastness of space.  But this isn’t just any sci-fi, no.  We’re going to be seeing a little mystery in Blood on the Blue Moon.

Mysteries can be a challenge to write, because you have to strike a perfect balance between transparency and the clandestine.  Author Justin Care toes the line with such precision in his novel, Blood on the Blue Moon, it seems like he’s been at this for a lifetime.  A bit like Hercule Poirot in space, this detective story is clever, fresh, and dark where it needs to be.  Readers will always wonder what lurks around the corner, and what new truths will be revealed.  Care’s tale is immersive, and spending time with the characters leads to emotional risks and rewards, because you never know who might be in the most danger by the turn of the next page.

Struan Sinclair is leaving his problems on Earth.

A broken career.

A ruined life.

A botched case.

With some help from an old friend, Struan catches the first transport ship he can heading off-planet, the Once on a Blue Moon. When a priceless artifact goes missing during the trip, the irate owner blackmails Struan with information that the man shouldn’t have, forcing him back into a role he never wanted again.


Now, Struan must find the missing artifact before the ship reaches its destination, or face having his life ruined again before he even has a chance to rebuild it. With little time or evidence to work with, Struan quickly learns that theft wasn’t the only crime committed on the ship.

If he isn’t careful, blackmail will be the least of his worries.

If you love a good mystery to go along with your science fiction or have ever wondered “What if ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ had taken place in space?” then you’ll love Blood on the Blue Moon.

Care does a wonderful job blending genres, as the titular spacecraft stands in as a compelling set piece in ways that Christie’s ship on the Nile could only dream of.  Indeed, it adds to the experience in some interesting ways, and serves the story very well.  With a sprinkling of clues left for the reader, this is one mystery that will keep them eagerly guessing.  A brisk pace leads them to the inevitable, stunning conclusion as well, where all will be revealed in spectacular fashion.  Care leaves his fans with a promise to see Struan, his charming detective, in another tale to come, but it all starts here.  Check out Blood on the Blue Moon: A Scifi Mystery Novel (The Broadcloak Files Book 1) on Amazon today!

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