Whitewater rafting

Date Days Activity Time Ppl Charges Total
Jul 9, 2016 1 Lehigh / Whitewater (Ages 9+) 11:40 AM 12 12 10 to 14 @ 53.95 647.40
Total Activity 647.40
NOTE: Your “Time” means the time your party should arrive at the check-in area to begin preparing for your activity (dressing, completing paperwork, etc). It doesn’t mean the time the bus leaves or the time the activity begins. We always allow at least 1/2 hour between check-in time and bus departure time.

Payments Made To-date
Date Paid By Amount Method
Jun 19, 2016 Michael DeAngelo 710.24 Credit Card
Total Charges 647.40
Taxes & Admission Fees 38.84
Insurance 24.00
Charges plus taxes/fees 710.24
Payments made to-date 710.24
Balance Due 0.00




MORE TRIP DETAILS: Please visit whitewaterchallengers.com for more details about the trip you have reserved.

TIMELY ARRIVAL: Our trip times are strictly regulated by the state, so we usually can’t wait for late arrivals. Be sure everyone arrives no later than your stated arrival time.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: We caution against relying on GPS or Internet mapping services because they sometimes provide faulty information. Precise and accurate driving directions to each of our locations are available on our web site.

If you are rafting with us:

HOW LONG IS THE RAFTING TRIP?: It’s hard to be precise, because trip lengths vary from day to day, based on temperatures, wind speed, weather conditions, river flow, and the group itself. Also check out the FAQ’s link — Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Lehigh River: 3-4 hours on the river, 5-6 hours of your day
  • Hudson River: 4-5 hours on the river, 5-7 hours of your day
  • Black River: 3-4 hours on the river, 4-6 hours of your day

HOW ROUGH IS THE WATER?: This also varies from day to day, depending on recent rainfall, discharges from the dam, the effect of downstream tributaries, and so on.

SAFETY: Nothing is more important to us than your safety. Safety has always been our highest priority, and our unparalleled record over the past three decades demonstrates the effectiveness and value of a guide training program that serves as a model for others in our industry.

PROPER FOOTWEAR: Flip-flops, loose-fitting sandals, “crocs” and bare feet are not permitted on the river. Old sneakers are the best. Sturdy sandals (like TEVA’s) are acceptable. Appropriate footwear can be purchased or rented at our Rafting Center.

WHAT NOT TO TAKE IN YOUR RAFT: Leave dry clothes and towels in your car for after the trip. Don’t take in your raft any valuables, keys, coolers, alcohol, glass containers, pets, or cameras that aren’t waterproof. Car keys can be left at the rafting center.

WHAT TO WEAR & BRING: You WILL get wet. On warmer days, a swim suit or T-shirt and shorts are fine. Sunscreen and a visor or brimmed hat are always a good idea. In cooler weather a windbreaker is useful. Avoid cotton, especially sweat shirts and sweat pants, which will actually make you colder. If wearing glasses, be sure to secure them with reliable glass-straps. Wetsuits are available at the rafting center.

RAFT GROUPINGS: Organize your group into rafting teams (usually 6 or 7 per raft at the Lehigh River and 6 to 9 at the Hudson and Black Rivers) before you get to the river. Make sure there’s at least one adult in each raft.

MEALS: Our Lehigh River location offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. You are welcome to bring your own (light) lunch to take on the river or purchase a box lunch from us. If you have booked a Hudson or Black River Rafting Trip a light river snack and after trip dinner is included.

SOUVENIR PHOTOS: We try to capture a photo of each raft in the rapids. You can purchase these at our Rafting Center after the trip. Or if you rafted the Lehigh River order them online after you get home.

WATERPROOF HI-DEF VIDEO CAMERAS: What a great way to document your adventure! Be sure to post your video online and share with your friends.

OUTFITTER SHOP: Our outfitter shop carries souvenir shirts and caps, and an assortment of items you might want or need for your trip. Take a moment to browse, before and after your tour.

WAIVER FORMS: Waiver forms must be completed by each individual, for the adventure activities we offer. These forms can be found online and completed in advance, if you wish. Blank forms are also available at the Rafting Center.

TIPPING: We are often asked about tipping. While tipping is not an expected add-on to a below normal wage, it is certainly appreciated, and many of our guests do take the opportunity to acknowledge a job well done. Guide tips are usually in the range of 10% to 20% of trip fee, although tips outside this range are also not uncommon.

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