Art: Adelia

I’m at the point now where I’m constantly looking for artists who can take my breath away.  I don’t think we’ve had one that’s worked on Tellest commissions that hasn’t fulfilled that sole duty.

We’ve got a special treat for you today, though.  A new artist, RedPear, is going to be doing some spectacular character portraits, and we start with the hero of Mageborn.  Here is her process:



This is Adelia as she would appear in The Bindings of Fate, so considerably later than what she looked like in Mageborn.


To be perfectly honest, I liked the sketch just the way it was.  And of course, RedPear had to go and blow my mind…



Hwabam! I think that’s the only thing that can really be said here.


I still can’t believe the quality of that there piece of artwork, but I’ve seen it, and some followups from RedPear.  You’re in for a treat on many more occasions!

Oh, and our wonderful new artist also added a splash of color as well:


Complete - Color

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