Hydra Flies

General description

Physical Appearance and Biology

Hydra flies have a similar appearance to regular flies, except that they have unusually wide heads.  Despite that feature, they do not actually have large teeth.  Rather, the biting sensation that people usually feel are any of the collection of small quills that they have on their bodies.  They use them to land on an uncovered body part.  Once rooted into place, they suck the blood of their victim like a mosquito.



Death and Offspring


The life cycle of the hydra fly is at max around five weeks.  When the adults die, they shrivel and harden, resembling small spurs.  Though dead, they can still deliver poison through their quills.


Offspring and Breeding

Swamps and marshes are a prime place for hydra flies to lay their eggs.  Unfortunately, it is also possible for them to find places of standing water in warm climates.  Luckily, the eggs are white, as are the larva.

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