Vialoth was created by Galvan, the blacksmith of the gods, along with its counterpart Azaros.  Galvan supposedly used the lava from Mount Rockbane to forge the metal used in the gauntlets’ creations.  He then used the water from Glenborough Falls to cool the metal.

The metal itself has never been identified.  Because it has not been found by traditional craftsmen, historians have begun to refer to the god-forged metal as infindium.


Into the Wrong Hands

According to popular scholar opinions, after Galvan crafted the two gauntlets, he moved them to a location on Draconis, where he would then guard over the two magical relics.

During the demon wars, Semia’Laz, the fallen angel, attacked Galvan in the hidden location where Azaros and Vialoth were kept.  Semia’Laz and Galvan did battle for a long time, before Galvan was finally bested, and forced to flee to survive.

Semia’Laz proceeded to move to retrieve the gauntlets.  First, he discovered Vialoth.  As he was on his way to obtain Azaros, he met with a goblin named Rellix, who had pilfered the gauntlet for himself.  Semia’Laz attempted to slay the goblin, but Galvan and his brother Obsam returned, and began to attack the fallen angel.

While Rellix escaped, Semia’Laz fought on.  The two gods had arrived fully equipped, using tremendous magical equipment to try and defeat Semia’Laz.  But against the fallen angel, no final blows could be made.  He survived every terrible attack.  The gods were not so lucky.

Galvan had made the two gauntlets with a passion that placed them high above any other relic ever crafted.  Vialoth was powerful enough to allow Semia’Laz to lay a fatal blow upon Obsam.  Distraught and fearful, Galvan took his brother and escaped once more.



Semia’Laz utilized Vialoth in all its terrible power to smite humanity, and any other races that would stand in his way.  Town after town, city after city fell to the fallen angel’s bloodlust.  It is said that the gods themselves were fearful of Vialoth’s wielder, and as such, none would dare attempt to usurp his power.

It was not until the brave antics of a wayward knight and his allies that Semia’Laz was truly advanced upon.

Romus Youngblood used Vialoth’s counterpart, Azaros to secure a killing blow on the fallen angel.



After the death of Semia’Laz, it was determined that both Azaros and Vialoth should be hidden from the reach of mortals and demons alike.  Both gauntlets were lost to the winds, and neither has been seen since.

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