Guest Wednesday: Creativity

What does being creative mean? There are numerous sources you can seek out to receive a generic definition of the word. However, I believe that being creative has a different definition for each person, or at the very least, for each type of creation. Something as simple as standing outside and screaming at the top of your lungs is how you may express yourself. Perhaps that scream leads to an adrenaline rush, which leads to the next big thing? The next Hemingway, the next Spielberg, or the next Carlin? Or maybe, just maybe, it leads to something so original; people will aspire to be the next you.

Sitting around and not expressing yourself is a one way ticket to the land of What Ifs? Anxiety builds and builds and builds, until you explode. There’s a difference between expressing yourself by screaming at the top of your lungs and being that guy who’s an asshole, that is unhappy with his life and the only satisfaction felt is causing misery for others. No one likes that guy, and I’m pretty confident one of the most basic human needs is to feel liked.

Being creative may not be your ticket to fame, but that should never be the goal. When you create something, it’s a way for you to relieve some of the stress of life. It’s a way to express yourself and show your individuality; your uniqueness. The chances of seeing your name in the spotlight are slim and an ineffective way to promote your own creativity. Who want’s to go on and create more things, when you have yet to meet your goal?

That doesn’t mean you should set your goals low, as that also hinders your creativity; lacks the challenge you present yourself. The simple goal of your creation should be that you feel good about it once you’ve produced it. It makes you smile, or cry, as you see your creation come to life. It moves you in ways that you can’t describe, moves you to the point to do more. And as you express yourself more, you stop sweating the small things (and sometimes the bigger things), and live a much happier life. Sure, you may not be the next Spielberg… but why be the next anything, when you can be the first you?

I’ve been part of this world, Tellest that is, for a very long time. I’ve seen it grow, get broken down, and rebuilt. I’ve helped grow it, I’ve helped break it and I’ve helped rebuild it. And during all this time, I think I can safely say that I’ve seen someone who is 100% happy with the creation, no matter what detours had to be taken. Mike has done a phenomenal job at showing me what it means for him to be creative.

Simply put, creativity breeds creativity. And, in a world where the reboot, the retelling, or the adaptation runs the strongest; we may be low on creativity. And, that’s what I think Tellest is for; to help breed creativity. It only starts with Mike, but the world is in your hands. Mike has already told you that this world is open for all to play in, so instead of stories being rehashed, why not create your own hero, who just happens to live in the world of Tellest?

Over the next few months, as I continue to work on other projects (some of them Tellest related!), I’ll be writing a series of blogs, here, on, about different forms of creativity. The who, what, where, when, and how of it all. Whether it be Tellest related, or something completely original, I hope that you get inspired to try your hand at something. There is a natural high from being creative that everyone should get to experience and I truly believe that everyone has something to say, so why not you?

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Kev is the co-founder/co-president and CTO of Crude Humor Studios. He's also the producer for The Radio Network division of CHS and is one of the writers for their skits, sharts, and web series. He's a writer/editor for Crude Humor Studios, The Radio Network, Dorky Daddy, and Legends of Staploria. Kev also finds time to contribute to the Tellest blog. Most importantly, Kev is a father to an awesome little boy and an adorable baby girl.