Urban Fantasy Promo – THE LUNAR CODEX: Book One of the Codex Chronicles

Greetings travelers, and welcome to our first stop in the Otherworld of the week.  Today, we’re looking at something a little close to home, though it’s a different part of our world than we’re used to.  If you’re excited to see what hides in the shadows, uncovered by the moonlight, read on to learn more about THE LUNAR CODEX.

Annie O’Connell is a writer who you would be hard-pressed to guess was brand new on the scene.  The author’s new release, THE LUNAR CODEX: Book One of the Codex Chronicles, draws you in and doesn’t let go.  It’s great fun for young and new adults, but it’s got enough quality content to impress and entertain even older fans of the genre.  O’Connell’s lead is enjoyable to be around, as readers learn about his past alongside him, and the supporting cast of characters, and the town that they inhabit are just as enchanting.  It’s easy to find yourself lost in Williston.

What if everything you knew was a lie?

The night of the car accident changes everything for Jace Northall, leaving him an orphan at three years old.

Fast forward 12 years later, Jace is struggling to survive his teen years. Frequent relocations complicate his life, leaving him feeling lonely and frustrated. After his most recent move, Jace is hopeful they have finally found a place to call home, where he can finally just be a normal kid.

After an adventurous night out with his new friends Marcus and Izzie, Jace learns that there is nothing normal about his life and is left desperately fighting to keep his world together and protect the ones he loves.

Realizing the enemy is closing in, he abandons his old life, searching for answers. With his newfound abilities and the help of his friends, Jace is reborn as the unlikely hero while he journeys to discover who he truly is and how he fits in.

THE LUNAR CODEX doesn’t just feel like a slice of life story that you can put away into a drawer when you’re done.  It feels alive, and you feel like a part of it as you’re unravelling mysteries along Jace.  By the time it wraps up, you’re already hungry for more.  Another book is on the horizon, featuring Jace learning more about how to get to the root of who he is and what he can accomplish, but for now, it’s a great time to get acclimated to the story, the characters, and O’Connell’s great writing.  Check out THE LUNAR CODEX: Book One of the Codex Chronicles on Amazon today!

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