Urban Fantasy Promo – The Devil Pulls the Strings

Greetings travelers, and welcome to our second Otherworld stop of the day.  Earlier we mentioned that today’s theme was urban fantasies, and we’ve got another spectacular one in store.  This one is also a bit on the darker side, as we look at all kinds of creepy characters from slavic folklore, and it also has the grand possibility of becoming a phenomenal longstanding series.  Read on to learn more about The Devil Pulls the Strings.

Author J.W. Zarek opens up his Archivist Series by throwing readers into the deep end.  Before you even meet the lead protagonist, Boone Daniels, you’re introduced to interesting characters in wild scenarios.  And then when you meet Boone, a flawed but likeable character who only grows as you spend time with him, you’re absolutely hooked.  Zarek’s take on the rockstar versus evil motif feels fresh and captivating, and the outlandish reveals feel earned by the time you get to them.  The author is deliberate with his prose, giving it all a poetic sheen that elevates the tale.

THE DEVIL PULLS THE STRINGS, described as The Librarians meet The Magicians is a 76,000-word epic fantasy adventure, set in modern-day Wentzville, MO, New York City, and 1813 Genoa, Italy, is where time travel, twisted history, secret societies, Slavic mythology, Paganini’s music and one haunted hero collide.

Boone Daniels (22) has problems, debilitating panic attack, gut-wrenching guilt, a wendigo haunting him since age six, and now he almost killed his best friend in a joust. But when he fills in for his injured friend at a New York gig, he goes to meet the gig’s contact at his NYC brownstone and a body falls from the brownstone balcony and the place explodes with gun fire.

Boone barely escapes but uncovers a sinister plot to perform a rare Paganini piece that summons the Devil to trap Baba Yaga and destroy modern-day New York City. Then finds himself on a race through time to capture the cursed melody. Along the way, a Romani immortal, steampunk vampires and Baba Yaga set the stage for war, and Boone shall have to risk death for redemption. Because all Boone wants is to keep a promise to a friend. The same friend, he almost killed last Sunday during a joust.

Can a small-town Missouri musician outplay the supernatural and save NYC’s soul?

As seen on FOX News and CBS, The Devil Pulls the Strings received the Literary Titan Award, and is the pulse-pounding first tale in the Archivist series. If you like tortured heroes, epic battles, time travel, twisted history and secret societies, then you’ll love J. W. Zarek’s spectacular page-turner.

The Devil Pulls the Strings is a book that you won’t soon forget, written by an author who wears his passion for the words on his sleeve, and delivers something wonderful because of it.  Filled with great reference material-turned-quality story, witty dialog, and plenty of surprises, it should feel obvious when readers tear through page after page.  The good news is that this is only the first book in the Archivist Series, and there are more books forthcoming.  All that said, now is a perfect time to pick up the first in the series.  Don’t wait.  Check out The Devil Pulls the Strings on Amazon today!

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