Concept Art – Faux Equinicus, Zabraith

Hey there folks!  I’ve got an interesting, quick art post for you today.  Sometimes, when you’re working with a concept artist, the concept you’re originally working toward is not the result you end up with.  Case in point, today’s post.  We’ve mentioned before that Azot sometimes outpaces how stylistic I can be with my characters and my story, and with Equinicus, the clockwork steed of one Maximus Xanders, we ran into that.  Equinicus is more refined and has a little less “zazz”, but there’s no stopping Azot sometimes.  So, rather than change everything we had, I decided to take a good thing and run with it.  That’s how we got to Zabraith.

Zabraith is the work of a rival tinker, who saw Equinicus and decided to try and copy him.  Of course, Maximus was working on his version of Equinicus for years, if not decades, and this one was kind of hurried into being.  Still, for something put together so quickly, it’s not too shabby as a facsimile.  It hasn’t shown up in any of the Tellest stories yet, but you can be sure we’ll see it in an upcoming tale.  Of course, as with the design being a twist, the story will likely have a few as well.

In this full color version of Zabraith, you can see the peculiar scheme that the inventor / tinker went with.  It almost looks like armor in a way.  It’ll be interesting writing about this creation, and I’m excited to get my chance.

Here’s a little fun fact.  For about a year, I had lost track of what this “Faux Equinicus” was called.  I happened to find it after a little digging the morning I scheduled this, so that’s fun.

Alright, we’re taking a little break from concept art for the rest of the year, but early in 2022, you’ll get some new artifacts and items to be impressed by.  Stay tuned till then, as we still have plenty of other beautiful art to show off!

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