Urban Fantasy Promo – Learning Balance (The Balance Series Book 2)

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our first promo of the week.  Today, we’re spending some time with an author who we’ve talked up recently, as she’s got a new book that’s worthy of your time and attention.  Read on to learn more about Amanda April Walsh and her new book, Learning Balance.

Across both of Amanda April Walsh’s books, she has over twenty five-star ratings, nailing down two flawless scores across both her books.  Learning Balance (The Balancer Series Book 2) picks up right where the first one, Finding Balance, left off, and this new one takes off running.  Walsh knows how to write twists and turns that still surprise in her sophomore title, and they keep readers interested and invested throughout.  At the same time, this sequel answers lingering questions from its predecessor, while still letting new mysteries bubble to the surface.  Throughout it all, Walsh keeps readers immersed, and close to Devika.  It’s easy to care for the character and to worry about what new challenges she’ll face.

Walsh’s latest engages readers in ways that make them feel present in the story.  Fantasy fans who enjoy exquisite sensory details will take great pleasure in joining the authors characters in this tale.  Learning Balance is a page turner that draws readers in, and moves them along at a wonderful pace.  Walsh is already working on more in the series, which already has eager fans waiting to be immersed once more.  With a new book just around the corner, it’s a great time to pick up this second-in-a-series (and the first book if you haven’t picked that up yet).  Check out Learning Balance (The Balance Series Book 2) on Amazon today!
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Michael DeAngelo

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