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Hey there fantasy fans, and welcome to our midweek post.  We’ve got an interesting one for you today, not only because the story itself is impressive, but because of how and when it was published.  In the early 90’s, author and creative writer Kristin Hilton Callis began writing a series of books that were certainly worthy of their day in the sun.  For one reason or another, they were left unreleased, and years later, Callis succumbed to cancer.  Now, her son Maximilian has posthumously published her work, ensuring her storytelling legacy lives on.  Read on to learn more about The Earth Key.

Kristin Hilton Callis writes what feels like prescient fantasy that bores its way into readers minds, infecting them with an urge to read more and more of her great work.  In The Earth Key (Azure Series Book 1), Callis demonstrates her substantial talents in worldbuilding, creating a place that fantasy fans would eagerly wish to get lost in.  With its rules and its lore, the Annix is a curious place, made all the more interesting by the way that Callis writes her characters.  Dialog and revelations are presented in a way that almost makes readers feel like they’re leaving through the latest verse of a fairy tale that has shifted into the contemporary, and it urges them ever onward.

Animals are dying, plants have grown dry, and the Generator is silent. The Annix is in a state of decay. The only hope is to perform another Alignment by the Guardians of the Generator, a task that requires the missing Earth Key. Their only hope is Azure and her companion, Prince Orestes, as they traverse the Territories of the Annix in search of it.

The duo struggles to survive through swamps, white-hot deserts, and the vicious Thieves of the Red Blade. Through their adventures, they uncover the mysteries from ancient legends and history of the Annix as well as their own shrouded pasts.

Their story and the stories of the Annix will draw you into the imagination of Kristin Hilton Callis who was an amazing storyteller and creative writer.

The Earth Key is a remarkable tale that endures.  It is timeless, and readers would be forgiven for thinking that this was at once a classic that came out long ago, while simultaneously being a tale that lives up to today’s expectations.  With endearing characters, a mysterious quest, and a world begging for exploration, Callis had found a wonderful blend to build her series.  Maximilian Hilton, her son, has also edited and published his mother’s second book, with a third to follow, meaning now is an awesome time to enjoy this spectacular fantasy which won’t soon be forgotten.  Check out The Earth Key (Azure Series Book 1) on Amazon today!

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