Urban Fantasy Promo – Lance Of The Golden Cobra: Knights of the Neverwas (Illustrated Version)

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to the first new promotion of the week.  We’ve had a little time away, but we’re coming back with an intense return to form, thanks in part to an excellent illustrated fantasy that is about to introduce readers to a brand new world they won’t soon forget.  Read on to learn more about Lance of the Golden Cobra.

Every so often, you’re introduced not just to a fantasy book, but to a transcendent fantasy world that sends sparks dancing in your mind.  So it is with Emery Sinclair’s young adult urban fantasy novel, Lance of the Golden Cobra, which introduces the Neverwas, a world that is resplendent with miraculous technology and magic.  Sinclair’s wonderful book is the product of the cooperative work of many people, and it reads as a mix of so many excellent things as well.  Lance of the Golden Cobra finds itself at times reading like a historical fantasy set some sixty years ago, but it still feels fresh and new, and will catch the attention of today’s young and new adults, as well as those who are kids at heart.

Connie Morgan is an ordinary girl. But, one thing she knows for sure — she doesn’t believe in fairies!

At school, Connie is bullied by three rude girls for being dyslexic. However, after meeting a new girl at school, Namisha Singh, that problem soon changes and the girls make an astonishing discovery about a thrilling family secret. This leads them on a fantastic journey in the techno-magical world of the Neverwas, the domain of mythical beasts and powerful, mysterious beings.

With their grown-up guides, Albert, Connie’s uncle, and Babu, Namisha’s grandpa, begin a dangerous crusade for the folk of the enchanted land. They become the Knights of the Neverwas.

Nothing will be ordinary ever again… for Connie and Namisha!

Dyslexia friendly. The book is formatted in 12-point font and double-spaced for easy reading.

At the core of the book, Sinclair writes four wonderful characters—with more joining the ensemble as the story grows—that steal the show.  They’re written with such richness and warmth that readers won’t be able to help going on the journey with them, and finding out what strange new revelations are made in the Neverwas.  Sinclair also excels at leaving the sort of bread crumbs that lead into the next chapter, keeping readers excited throughout the tale.  The same can be said for the inevitable sequel, as the story is left open for a stunning conclusion.  For now, it’s a great time to dive into the first book in the Neverwas series.  Check out the illustrated version of Lance Of The Golden Cobra: Knights of the Neverwas on Amazon today!  You can also find the UK version here.

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