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Greetings fantasy fanatics!  We’re having a busy week in the Otherworld, and today is no exception.  Magic abounds, and today we’re looking at the kind of trouble you can get into when you don’t give magic and magical people the respect they deserve.  Read on to learn more about A Beauty of Magic.

Author Ronald Guadamuz weaves a whimsical and entertaining debut fantasy in A Beauty of Magic: The Crystal Ball.  It’s told from the perspective of Ian, a funny teenage boy who is coming into his hormones, and is a bit overly flirtatious.  He’s taught an important lesson by a young woman to whom he will be inexplicably linked throughout the tale, in some interesting ways.  There are twists that readers will no doubt be surprised by, and it’s all intriguing enough to need to see what comes next.

In this humorous fantasy YA adventure, a young womanizer is taught a lesson and learns to treat women with respect. Ian is a teenaged boy who loves girls for the pleasures they bring. One summer, he meets a strange and mysterious girl named Lucy, who asks him to travel to Russia to do her a favor—to locate a crystal ball and return it to her as a prize for her love. He accepts the task, and soon wildly bizarre events start happening.

He enters a magical realm deep in the Russian forest, and encounters fearsome creatures along his way. Fortunately, he bumps into a young witch named Nina, who saves him from the vicious monsters. As the two continue the adventure and retrieve the crystal ball, Nina falls madly in love with the brave and charming Ian. She follows him back to the United States and soon causes magical chaos due to her extreme jealousy of the other girls around him. She brews a magical love potion for Ian to drink so she can have him all to herself. Unfortunately, the love potion doesn’t have the desired effect; instead it turns Ian into an attractive young woman. Panicked, angry, and confused, Ian has only 90 days to reverse the spell before the change becomes permanent.

Ian, Nina, and a few other friends must travel to strange new worlds on another dangerous quest to find a cure that will turn Ian back into a boy. But things get far worse when the crystal ball suddenly explodes with negative magic from within, leading to a global problem that extends far beyond Ian’s condition.

Young adult readers and fans of Harry Potter are sure to enjoy this page-turning fantasy adventure.

By the end of his first fantasy story, Guadamuz’s readers are taken on a quirky and slapstick ride that will certainly bemuse and enchant.  It’s a tale that leans into the wacky and the wild, and readers who enjoy seeing their heroes undergo dramatic transformations will likely have a wonderful time with this story.  With a sequel on the way, there’s no better time to dive into the first book in this series than right now.  Check out A Beauty of Magic: The Crystal Ball on Amazon today!

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