Tellest Weekly Newsletter – June 27th, 2024

Greetings, traveler!

Though I’ve been quiet, that’s not to say that a whole lot hasn’t been going on (in fact, it’s kind of the opposite).  I’ve got a lot to talk about today, so I’m going to try to hammer them in kind of quick.

I had talked before about how Quantum Quest was going Live on my Twitch channel, and last week, we had our inaugural session.  We had three other players join yours truly, and we were able to play a more streamlined version of the game, while introducing the mechanics to those viewing, and to explore some of the other fun things that are going to happen in that session.  We also had a situation where I was being virtually waterboarded, but we won’t need to talk about that…

If you do want to see how it went, feel free to click here, or on the video thumbnail below.

Since then, I spent a considerable amount of time enhancing it even more, reaching out to our would-be “celebrity” players (read: Team Tellest members and our affiliates), and putting things together on the stream deck I run to make everything run smoothly.  And at the time of this writing, I also have Kev working on doing something really cool: a dice roller that connects from Discord to OBS, effectively letting the players roll the dice remotely in order for everyone to see it on screen!  Fingers crossed Kev doesn’t rip out his beard hair trying to figure that all out.On the Declan side of things, I do need a little more time to write the story.  I’ve been working on a few other things for so long that I haven’t yet had a chance to really dive into that as much as I wanted to you yet, but I’ll certainly be working on it soon.

Some of those projects have been editing projects for other writers.  It’s been a quiet month as far as promotions have gone, which is a little unusual.  That’s why I’ve been able to skip a newsletter here and there, as they’re usually sponsoring the newsletter and kind of forcing my hand to get one out.  The editing projects have definitely been helping to keep the lights on though, so I’m very thankful for that.

One other big thing happened this past week:

Luna ended up going viral for the first time, and we had a video that cracked 1 million views.  Then 2 million views.  Then…This ended up affecting Tellest in some fun ways.  I had more than triple the downloads of my books than any other day in the last 90 days.  We heard from some media companies that wanted to ride the wave, too, but at the time of this writing, we didn’t land anywhere just yet.

We’ll see if Luna ends up letting all that fame go to her head, but in the meantime, let’s see what else we’ve got going on.

Wyrd Witch Wands

A fairy or hedgewitch wand with green leaves and pink flowers, painted to match the earthy tones of the ukanite sphere at its base.

Tellest Etsy

It’s time to catch up, which means I’ve been working on a lot of new battlemaps for the Etsy store.  Below, you can see our Bridge Over Foggy Cliffs, Savanna Crossroads, and Campsites maps.  We’re going to work on getting a lot more ready ahead of the upcoming conventions we’re going to be part of!

Tellest Battlemaps

I’ve got a few of my maps done, but we have this map from our partner, Knightly Lore Maiden, that I’ve been sitting on for a little while too.

This map and its variants are available on Patreon today!Talking Tellest

We’re running on a bit of a delay with Talking Tellest now, as we skipped the two weeks that I would normally put together newsletter content.  That’s great though, as it will give me time to make sure everything is prepped properly.  This week, you’ll be seeing the Ren Faire Talking Tellest’s, as we’ve got plenty of history as attendees, but we’ll also be going as vendors very soon!

This video is already up on YouTube, so please enjoy by clicking the blue link above!Riddle and Reward!

We’ve got a tough riddle that not a lot of people ventured a guess for.  Try your best to figure this one out:

From earth I’m born, from fire raised, and water helps me come of age.
I give King’s power, provoke men’s fear, I’m an extension of soldier’s rage.

If you think you know the answer, do be sure to take a guess.  You can reply to this email or click here to send me your answer.  Remember, I don’t care if you’re right or wrong.  As long as you send me any attempt, I’ll enter you into the drawing to get yourself an Amazon gift card or a four-pack of Tellest posters, or a $5 coupon for a Wyrd Witch Wand on our Etsy shop!

For this riddle, we’ll need your answer before the end of the day on Friday, June 28th, in order to have you entered in the drawing.

The Whispers
We are currently all caught up on the Whispers voting, but we’re getting into the next writing phase.  I’m going to try to write over the next two weeks or so in order to get the next chapter covered.  You’ll see the vote pieces will be gone below, but you can still read everything to get caught up, since this is still an active project.If you’re just starting off with The Whispers, you can simply click here or on the button below in order to be brought to the Tellest website where you can begin the story.  Once there, there is also a link to the following chapter.

Declan’s latest choice was within the tenth chapter.If you were all caught up, and are just getting back into The Whispers, you can resume from here

We’ll have more coming for The Whispers soon.  Thank you for helping me create this adventure!

That’ll be it for today, but we’ll have much more to talk about in the weeks to come.  Thanks for letting me take up some real estate in your mailbox, and I’ll see you soon!

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