Sigil Art – Guindalar

Greetings, travelers!  We’re heading to one of our other continents that are growing in popularity, as we’re going to be looking at Guindalar, a city of elves in Lustra.

When I decided I wanted to do the sigils, there was certainly some inspiration that we received from Game of Thrones and Westeros, but truth be told, it was a game that I used to play in my youth that really made me think of how it would be interesting to see the influence that armies have in the Tellest universe.  War in Middle Earth had a lot of cool sigils for its many armies, and I think the Guindalar bow is as close as we’ve come to a nod to that old game.  The people of Guindalar are known warriors, and the bow felt very representative of that.

Because Guindalar is an elven city, it stands to reason that over time, their sigils will have fallen into disrepair.  That tend to embrace it in places like their city proper, as it becomes a point of history.  But one of the things that you’ll notice the scouts of Guindalar will never do is allow its more far-reaching sigils chip and crack.  They are some of the strongest beings on the continent of Lustra, and they want people to know that they mean business.  Keeping up with your sigil is a good way of letting people know that you are always keeping your gaze in all directions.

The elves of Guindalar are landlocked, and they retrieve most of their resources from the wilderness near their city, whether that means forests or rivers and lakes.  While they may not have mighty ships to hang their banner from, they would still make sure to have sentinel towers near the perimeter of their kingdom, ensuring that the nearby gnolls, rhinotaur, and lagano of Lustra know better than to intrude on their territory.  Ignoring such warnings could be the worst decision that their enemies could make.

While the scouts of Guindalar will often touch up the sigils that they’ve placed in the far reaches of their kingdom, the rangers and warriors of the city would take things a step further.  They would range out beyond the perimeter, usually in response to attacks, and leave their mark in plain view after punishing their foes.  This way, people develop a fear of the elves of Lustra, and know not to take their usual tranquility for granted.

As always, we leave you with one final picture: the phone background.  I hope you enjoy it!

That wraps us up for Guindalar and the elves, but we’ll be taking a look at another proud and powerful race soon, and what is arguably one of our coolest sigils to date.  See you soon!

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