Fantasy Promo – Out Of This World (The Amelia Popplewick Adventures Book 1)

Welcome, travelers, to another visit through the Otherworld.  We’re taking a look at a wonderful portal fantasy today, which takes its young protagonists to a place filled with magic and majesty, as well as a cruel and wicked despot set on defeating the new visitors.  If that’s caught your interest, read on to learn more about Out Of This World (The Amelia Popplewick Adventures Book 1).

N M Miles has released a debut story that is instantly catching for middle-grade readers with Out Of This World (The Amelia Popplewick Adventures Book 1).  Refining this story for many years, the author is drawing back the curtains on the land of Ockopulous for the first time, unveiling a magical place filled with spectacular creatures, dazzling spellcraft, and generational mysteries just waiting to be solved.  Miles ensures their audience will have a grand time as they journey forth alongside Amelia Popplewick, a young girl whose family has inherited an impressive mansion that contains the means to travel to the impressive world outside of our own.

When Amelia Popplewick and her family move to an inherited manor house in the country, Amelia gets more than she bargained for when she meets with an ancestral ghost who sweeps her off to another place.

She is then summoned to complete a series of missions that must successfully be completed in order to release a curse from the Land of Ockopulous.

What ‘Out of this World’ creatures will she encounter along the way? And, will she succeed in her fate?

Amelia Popplewick is a wonderful friend for kids and kids at heart, bringing them along for the journey of a lifetime.  Amelia and her friend Jake usher readers forth across the land, but it is the author’s catching and flowery prose that is perfect for an adventure such as this.  It moves at a steady pace, ensuring those along for the adventure are always on the edge of their seats.  Miles has two more books in the series waiting in the wings, and they’re already written, meaning you might not have to wait long to return to Ockopulous or have fun with Amelia.  With that in mind, don’t hesitate to dive into this great portal fantasy.  Check out Out Of This World (The Amelia Popplewick Adventures Book 1) on Amazon today!
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