Sigil Art – Greenwood

Hello there, travelers.  Today we’re going to be looking at the sigil for a city that we’ve heard mentioned, or possibly read about in the encyclopedia entry for one of the ancient heroes of the realms, but haven’t actually visited in person yet.  Greenwood is a city—or maybe even small town, considering its size—that is right on the border of Warus, though it falls on the Raleighn side.  In a lot of ways, it is known for protecting the eastern frontier of the kingdom, as gnolls were historically a problem in the past.  Despite that distinction, of being protectors, Greenwood has a rather unassuming sigil.  Their white rabbit with three leaves is simple and benign to look at, but it’s memorable.

Francois made easy work of the sigil, giving us something that had a simple elegance.  It’s not exceptionally busy, it doesn’t bother the eye to look at it.  It just does its job and moves on.  Perhaps that’s reflective of the rangers and sentinels that guard the border and man the towers that Greenwood is known for.

As Greenwood has been around for a while now, it’s likely that they’ve had some fortifications made with stone that are showing their age.  Perhaps a few of these depict the sigil of the town, and are showing a bit of wear and tear that might be indicative of needed repairs.  It also might show some towers that may have been abandoned over time, as there has slowly grown an unsteady alliance between the gnolls of Warus and the other races therein, and that’s extended beyond their borders as well.

Greenwood’s banners are meant to be a method of warning.  The gnolls previously knew not to venture into the area under the town’s protection, which was clearly emblazoned upon their towers.  There might also be pennants flying high above the trees, in case any of the elves nearby are scouting by way of the treetops.  It’s an easy way to make sense of friend or foe in the nearby area.

Below, you’ll see the painted version of the sigil.  While the town of Greenwood has its history, they aren’t opposed to carving out a place for their future, and that means leaving signs and symbols for those new rangers and adventurers who are being brought up.  This could be for the newer towers or even small barracks-type-buildings that might be in the wilderness.

As always, we leave you with one final picture: the phone background.  I hope you enjoy it!

Our next sigil is going to represent a place that we’ve been looking at for a very long time in the Tellest universe, but will give us more context about what goes on in that city.  See you with that in a few weeks!

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