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Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our next stop in the great multiverse of stories.  We’ve got a lovely set of tales that we’re diving into this week, and we’re alternating between spectacular sci-fi and wonderful fantasy.  Our middle stop is to a world of fantasy that you’re not soon to forget.  Read on to learn more about A Flame In The Throne.

Author Kira. F. Lindon brings an intriguing and captivating story to life with her debut, A Flame in the Throne.  It presents an interesting juxtaposition between classic, more traditional fantasy, and contemporary fare.  Lindon makes it easy to root for her characters, even when they’re involved in darker tasks and tactics.  They are integral to the story, and Lindon does a wonderful job of making them appear rich, dynamic, and nuanced.  Of course, the world of Truduva is not without its own curiosities, and it is in those nooks and shadows that you can see just what potential the author has carved out for herself here.

Idris is ready to free the people of Atrellia.

For too long, Idris has watched from the shadows as his brother has sat upon the throne of Atrellia and took away the human’s free will. The Elves in Ambayoth won’t help any more, and neither will the Witches, Faeries nor Dwarves. It’s down to Idris and his crew.

King Lorcan of Atrellia is a proud King. He has always hated the use of magic and all the creatures that complete the Truduva population. With his brother breaking laws and distributing magical potions around the kingdom of Atrellia, Lorcan must make a choice. Have his assassin kill his brother or go to war.

At least that is what he thought his options were.

Lindon’s story is filled with snappy chapters that leave readers hungry for the next reveal or bit of conflict.  Just when you think you know what new truths begin to unfold, another door opens, presenting readers with a new option to explore.  The tale comes together in just the right way to keep readers entertained and engaged throughout.  And with a new book in the series primed to drop in August of this year, there’s never been a better time to familiarize yourself with the kingdom of Atrellia and the world of Truduva.  Check out A Flame In The Throne by Kira F. Lindon on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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