Sci-Fi Promo – Conjunction (The Wise Society Book 1)

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to an interesting travel indeed, across the stars and into the unknown future.  It is one full of possibilities, and we explore them today in the works of two authors who speculate on just what is possible in the relative new future that our civilization could see.  If you want to know more, dive into Conjunction.

Authors A. D. Zoltan and Steven N. Nagy bring readers to a new age of enlightenment in their wonderful metaphysical sci-fi, Conjunction (The Wise Society Book 1). Recently featured on JoelBooks, their story tells about societal change in ways that most people can only imagine, and then the authors carefully craft a masterpiece of written prowess around it.  With science fiction, especially material that can be metaphysical and spiritual, it can sometimes feel as though the work fails to be substantive, but Zoltan and Nagy have developed something rich and captivating here—a world displaced from our own in time, yet wholly believable.  Interesting characters carry the many notions of life beyond our world and indeed ourselves, in myriad ways, upon their shoulders.  All the while, they bring us to new frontiers, not only in space, but in expression and in sense of self.

The Wise Society is a unique combination of modern science fiction and spiritual novels. This coming of age story leads into the deepest secrets of human psyche and society.

In 2610, as Earth is facing some major challenges, Erin, a lone individual with exceptional intellect manages to outwit the most influential power brokers of the planet, ultimately leading to a complete reorder of human society.

The story continues in the year 3200, when a collective AI (thanks to the success of Erin), the so-called Central Intelligent System (CIS) aids humanity in remaking the solar system to its sphere of direct influence. After discovering a viable method of intergalactic travel, humankind initiates a mission to four likely habitable exoplanets to elevate human civilization to the next level of development.

Keat, one of the chosen travelers with a keen interest in “the big questions of life” uses this first mission to turn the prosperous human civilization upside down by meeting the world of Füzen on his fascinating journey.

At its core, Zoltan and Nagy’s book is a conduit of concept and academia–a way to suppose how our future could look in ways should we follow it down one path.  Only time will tell if we grow any closer to the vision that these fine authors tease, but in any case, there seem to be more missions, more personal journeys, and more questions yet unanswered to speculate on.  This first book will make a fantastic foundation for everything yet to come.  Check out Conjunction (The Wise Society Book 1) on Amazon today!

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