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Welcome, travelers, to our last stop in the Otherworld of the week.  We return back to our time, and back to our Earth in today’s story, but it’s still filled with magic and mystery that you won’t soon forget.  That’s especially true for those of you who like oceanic myths and legends.  Let’s waste little time then, shall we, before we dive into today’s tale, Resort Aquatica.

Author Frederic Lee puts a modern spin on mermaid stories and fantasies of the sea with his wonderful contemporary fantasy, Resort Aquatica.  Lee does a wonderful job of bringing the resort to life, giving the setting exquisite details that help to immerse the reader in the story.  From the attractive views that the author paints, to the characters that deliver quirky and witty dialog, this is one of those stories that readers can latch onto and not let go of until the last page.  And even when the cast is acting badly, there’s still something peculiarly fun about the way everything is presented.

Son-of-a-billionaire Calvin Banks had a privileged life laid out neatly in front of him — one that would feature incredible wealth, just like his father’s. Yet, those plans are dashed when he drunkenly totals his Lamborghini and cuts short the life of his girlfriend in one fell swoop.

In a scheme to outrun justice, Calvin breaks court orders and sets off for an island resort pocketed within the mystical angles of the Bermuda Triangle. The magnificent Resort Aquatica is an ideal tropical destination built of white marble that rises up in tubular stacks amid the neon seascape. Upon arrival, Calvin encounters Resort Aquatica’s rich and savvy owner, Eve Rampant, who clearly exploits her bigwig guests and poor workers for the sole purpose of profit. Eve lords over the palatial estate heavy-handedly yet with a beautiful smiling face — and the assistance of her obedient daughters.

To Calvin’s awe, he discovers that the Rampant women are, in fact, quite devious mermaids who naturally spring up from the seas on temporary legs each summer. Slowly, he realizes that he’s falling in love with Eve’s impossibly stunning daughter Beth. Then, out of nowhere, Calvin finds himself entangled in a binding contract cooked up by Eve that forces him to serve the whims of the Rampant women for decades to come— and keep his mouth shut about their scaly secret. Can Calvin find a way to free himself from his binding contract and escape Resort Aquatica?

Lee manages to make contemporary fantasy feel fresh and new here in his version of the Bermuda Triangle.  There are fun twists and turns in every chapter, which ensure that Resort Aquatica remains a page-turner throughout.  There is enough mystery elevating this story that the unwinding plot threads alone are enough to keep readers feverishly making their way from cover to cover.  And with a romp-roaring good time leading toward the final pages of the book, there’s certainly the possibility for more yet to come from this talented storyteller.  Check out Resort Aquatica, by Frederic Lee, on Amazon today!

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