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Howdy folks, and welcome to our midweek Otherworld stop.  Today is going to be a doozy, as we have a big, beefy dystopian science fiction tale that you are going to really enjoy.  Proceed forth, and learn more about The Bystander.

Author Harry Wolden debuts with an epic science fiction set in the not-so-distant future.  In The Bystander, an unthinkable and awesome event shakes the world, leading to situations that Wolden unfolds on themselves in clever and interesting ways.  The story has legs—it’s a massive book—and is told from the perspective of several characters, the main focus of the author’s work.  Wolden is indeed a character author.  He likes to give his cast interesting backstories and motivations, and he sends them forth into uncharted waters, watching how it all shakes loose.  Readers will no doubt enjoy their time spent with them.

A woman and her son prepare to start a new life…

A homeless failed stockbroker walks the streets of New York City, just waiting for another chance…

A C.I.A. operative lies comatose in a hospital bed…

Their lives, and many more, are destined to cross when the world is struck by an incredible global phenomenon…

When time itself inexplicably stops, mankind is trapped in an eternal moment, never ageing and effectively immortal. But still just as ruthlessly ambitious.

As people fight to survive the perpetual evening of a new America, murderous leaders and dictatorial oppressors rise. The brutality of man is brought into focus more clearly than ever before.

Thousands of miles away, on another continent, a different threat is emerging – and the connection between these distant events just might hold the answer to the mystery of time…

Dystopian sci-fi fantasy on an epic scale, The Bystander is a metaphorical allegory of humanity, power-hunger and the ambiguity of war.

After establishing the characters that would monopolize readers minds for the next 500-plus pages, The Bystander takes an abrupt turn and lets the story loose.  It begins as a small observation here and there, but there are real, lasting implications that follow.  Wolden fills his book with plot twists that surprise, excite, and move the story along, never losing pace.  By the end of it all, readers will be happy for the epic tale, and the answer revealed along the way.  Check out The Bystander on Amazon today!

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