Science Fiction Promo – Scandianov: A Feminist Utopia

Howdy, and welcome to another incredible trip to the Otherworld.  It’s been a fantastic month for new stories, and we’ve got some other great ones coming your way this week.  And we’re starting it off with a seemingly perfect trip to Scandianov: A Feminist Utopia.

How would you react if suddenly and inexplicably, you woke up in a world that was somehow perfect.  Would you take it at face value upon a first glance, or would you want to look beneath the surface, to understand what makes it tick, and what could send it irrevocably off balance?  Author Lizelle Gutierrez pursues that quest for knowledge in Scandianov: A Feminist Utopia, following the recently awoken Polaris as she comes to terms with everything in her life being changed.  Readers will no doubt be interested in the questions that are posed by a supposedly perfect society, and Polaris puts a voice to their thoughts all while learning more secrets as she explores.

After being frozen for two centuries, Polaris wakes up to a new world. Unlike her Dystopian planet of origin, the new planet Eartha: a Utopian society ran by a female ruler provides a new type of lifestyle which offers a newly found freedom for its citizens – with different ideologies, political views, customs, and rules. The new system can irritate and even be too good to be true for Polaris. Will Polaris be able to embrace her freedom on Eartha, or will she discover a dark side to this Utopian paradise?

Gutierrez develops a story that reads like one of the most interesting tour guides you’ve ever seen.  Following Polaris about Eartha and Scandianov is interesting, and you can’t help but share in her wonderment, curiosity, and sometimes, frustrations.  Scandianov takes readers down peculiar avenues, isn’t afraid of making a statement, and adds to the story with the ideal amount of levity.  Check out Scandianov: A Feminist Utopia on Amazon today!

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