Science Fiction Promo – Ike’s Adventures On Earth: New Horizons

Greetings Otherworlders, and welcome to our midweek promotion!  It’s a busy time indeed, but it’s never too busy to pick up a new story you might enjoy.  We’re surrounded by a lot of amazing things that we sometimes take for granted, but it helps to see things through a new lens.  Perhaps today’s book can help you with that.

Author El Wanderer tackles little known revelations and catching philosophy, and wraps it up with interesting packaging in his new science fiction book, Ike’s Adventures on Earth: New Horizons.  Wanderer’s book reads like it truly does follow someone from another world that had entered our own, and it’s because of this that readers are immersed into the story so easily.  Ike’s Adventures has scholastic and academic appeal, as the author has plenty of facts to share about Earth.  This makes the story easily enjoyable by kids and young adults who like science, and want to learn new things about our world.

A starship from deep space has landed in the Amazon Basin. Five researchers and, among them fifteen-year-old Ike, came to the surface of a mysterious planet. By chance, the young man loses contact with the group and finds himself in a maze of unexpected events.

From new friends, he learns that life here is teetering on the brink of death, and the elements are rapidly turning into dead zones. Wanting to help them, Ike looks for a secret. To do this, he will have to choose between the familiar and the necessary. Can a young man from another galaxy help his new friends in distress?

Ike overcomes many obstacles and finds the answer: it is possible if every inhabitant makes an effort to save life on Earth.

While a good portion of the story is dedicated to enlightening its readers, the larger underpinning is that Earth is in trouble.  Eventually, the tale shifts gears, and things become more personal, roping fans into the events.  Once readers reach that point, it becomes a brisk read that will have them itching to find out how the next chapter goes.  It taps into some very current philosophies, but it puts a science fiction sheen on it that offers up some interesting twists.  While you might be wondering if there’s more adventures in store for Ike and his friends, now is a great time to learn about his first set.  Check out Ike’s Adventures On Earth: New Horizons on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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