Science Fiction Promo – Dinosaur: The New World Series Book 1

Hello there!  We’re back with book two of our Otherworld tour this week, and it’s a roaring good time today.  Seriously, if you were looking for a good time travel sci-fi, you are in the right place!

Stephen Llewelyn delivers the science-fiction goods with his exceptional Dinosaur.  It already starts off with that “stuff of the future” feeling, and in a lot of ways, you would feel like the story were going in a completely different direction (were it not for the pretty straight-forward title).  Llewelyn makes it easy to conceptualize all the goings-on in the story as well—the story flows with ease, even though it has its mysteries.  The story carries you along for an entertaining ride, and it keeps you guessing what’s to come next.

DINOSAUR is the first novel in the New World Series.

An insane plan is hatched to save humanity. Fighting to stop it could doom us all. When every action and decision may determine the fate of everyone who has ever lived, the right choice is not always clear. However, for one man, there is no choice at all…

Captain James Douglas sets off on a mundane transport and supply mission which quickly descends into disaster. Leading a fledgling society through a wild and hostile world was not part of his brief. Neither was the custodianship of all human life, history and endeavour. Worse still, the knowledge of a boy, just days out of school, may be all that stands between mankind and extinction.

The crew and passengers of the USS New World are lost almost 100 million years ago in Mid-Cretaceous Gondwana. It is the time of the dinosaur.

The castaways follow a trail of mystery. Battling conflicting evidence, misinformation and baffling discoveries they hope to reveal who has placed them in such terrible danger, why, and most importantly, what on ancient Earth can they do about it?

Llewelyn accomplishes a great task here of blending together all the right stuff for a great character-driven science-fiction tale.  The people on the journey are relatable and likable, the situation is incredible but Llewelyn seals it with believable science.  This is the kind of story you’d love to see realized in film or television, but for now, the brilliant writing and your imagination will have to take you there.  Check out Dinosaur: The New World Series Book 1 on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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