Concept Art – The Void Orb

Howdy folks!  It’s that time again.  We’ve got another new artifact to show off from the world of Tellest, courtesy of Azot.  If you’ve been following Tellest since the Tales of Tellest days, you might know this next artifact.  When Rhys visited the Void, he left with an item he shouldn’t have, fracturing the structure of time itself.  Here’s Azot’s interpretation of that artifact.

The Void Orb shows different events beneath its glass surface.  This represents all the strands of time that the orb encases.  In the case of Tales of Tellest, the orbs had several references to the short stories and novellas that were introduced.  When Rhys stole one of the orbs though, and took it from the Void, it shattered, scattering shards throughout Tellest’s history.


Rhys’s quest now pulls him through various incidents throughout Tellest’s history.  He needs to find the lost shards of the void orb that shattered in order to find his way home.  He’ll find, along the way, that things aren’t always so simple.

We’ll be back in three weeks with another awesome new look at one of Tellest’s many artifacts.  Stay tuned!

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