Fantasy Promo – Journey to my Voice

Hello again!  We’re back with another visit to the Otherworld today, this time taking a look at the second of Janet Odani’s books.  This one has a bit more fantasy elements to it, so folks are sure to find it even more appealing.

Journey to my Voice is a whimsical, playful story by Janet Odani.  In many ways, it feels like a fairy-tale passed down over generations.  It’s filled with twists and turns, and the plot never goes quite the way you might expect.  At the same time, it reads like a fable, teaching lessons in its writings.

This is a fictional book written to encourage readers to share their creativity or gift with others. It focuses on a fictional character, Jaron, whose voice was stolen soon after his birth. He was then exiled and he had to find his way back home and fight for his voice which was his identity and his birthright.

Odani’s story has a lot that you can enjoy in it.  It’s certainly a tale you can read to your children, as it has a lot of tenderness in it.  Yet, it’s a lighthearted adventure that anyone could enjoy.  Check out Journey to my Voice on Amazon today.  And just as with Odani’s other tale, this one is also available on Apple Books.

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