Character Art – Priest of Animus

Greetings travelers!  We’re going to be looking at another character that Sergei Churbanov did for us for our upcoming TowerSphere project.  While we have plenty of characters who happen to be legendary heroes from the world of Tellest, sometimes you have people who haven’t struck out and made that name just yet.  In cases like those, you have character archetypes instead, like today’s character, the Priest of Animus.  In theory, various priests of Animus exist, and they don’t all look like this, but again this is our standout version.

The first thing you might think could be what we thought.  He kind of looks like he’s all about Easter.  He had a very Christianity Orthodox look, and while we don’t have a problem with that, we were worried that it sent the wrong message, so we tweaked things going forward.

You’re not going to step completely away from the way that priests traditionally look, but this version that you’ll see below looks like they could be at least a bit non-denominational, which helps to let people unfamiliar with the art piece feel a little more inclined to enjoy it.  Right now, it looks almost like it could be a statue, were it not for the green crystal, but even then, who knows, it could be!

Our first splash of color makes things look that much cooler.  There is a lot that the color change added to the commission, and it absolutely breathes life here.  That’s important, because that is what Animus represents.  Now, we did mention Easter earlier, and the sort of pastel color reminded us of that a little too much, so we adjusted things for that in our final iteration.

And here you have it!  There weren’t too many things that we had to do to wrap this up, but you’ll notice the robes look like more of a deeper lilac, and we made it so that the green glow doesn’t spill over quite as powerfully as it did before.  The character looks great though, and we’re very excited to introduce him to the TowerSphere project.

This is not the last TowerSphere item that Sergei made for us, and over the next months, you’ll see more beginning to grace the Tellest website.  We hope to see you here then when that happens!

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