Concept Art – Xanadar’s Bowl of Scrying

Greetings travelers!  Care to see what the future might hold?  Xanadar’s Bowl of Scrying allows talented seers to see all kinds of things in its rippling waters, from visions of the past, portents of what is to come, and even other places in the world.  What you’ll see here in the first image that Steven crafted for us below is a more simplistic concept that shows the scrying bowl with a dingy dungeon in its surface.  But as you may well know, Steven always delivers excellent content our way!

In our first WIP iteration, a great deal more polish has been added to the outer portion of the scrying bowl.  It’s got a more ornate design, and more reflective surfaces and shading to speak of.  The ripples in the water are a little more tumultuous and you can quite tell just what’s inside anymore, but that’s by design.  We didn’t want people to be able to see too much detail because scrying is suppose to be a manner of divining, and the results shouldn’t be too clear.

With a bit more polish and radiant coloring within the water itself, things become even more obfuscated.  Does it look a little foresty?  Or is that a room filled with riches?  That’s up to the person perceiving the waters in the scrying bowl.  Regardless, Steven continued marching this art piece along, making it look even spiffier than ever!

Our final look at the bowl, atop a nicely contrasting background, gives us our best look yet at the new treasure.  This is a wonderful addition to any diviners collection, and we’re so happy that we were able to get Steven on board to get us yet another excellent relic from the world of Tellest!

That wraps us up for today, but we’ve still got plenty more goodies coming in the weeks to come, from character art to treasures and more, so be sure to come back every week!

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Michael DeAngelo

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