Sci-Fi Promo – The Way to Baen: A Coalition Series Book – 5

Greetings, travelers!  We’re back today with another stop in the Otherworld, and another visit to a part of the galaxy that we’ve been to before.  That’s because we’re once again spending time with talented author Andrew Charles, who has recently released the newest book in the Coalition series.  If exciting world-hopping and political upheaval over the great expanse of space is up your alley, read on to learn more about The Way to Baen.

One of the things that author Andrew Charles does to great effect is to take some paths in his story that might be unexpected.  So it is in The Way to Baen, the fifth book in the Coalition series.  It thrives, in part, because it is able to surprise, even this deep into the series.  But at its heart, the Coalition series excels when the author focuses on its characters, and there is no fear of a misstep in that regard here.  The Way to Baen continues to shine a laser on the relationships and the development at hand in its appealing cast—whether you’re talking about delightful protagonists, or those who stand in their way.  As colorful as Charles makes his version of the galaxy, he paints with clever and careful shades of grey to ensure that you can understand and empathize with everyone who has a stake to claim.

While the latest in the Coalition series puts more weight on political unrest, there is still plenty of excitement at play.  There are more pieces on the board, and everything feels as though it needs to be played just right in order for a safe path forward to be found, as the fate of Baen hangs in the balance.  One of the things that Charles does well is introduce his stories in ways that feel fresh and appealing to newcomers and returning fans alike.  Even if you haven’t read a book in this series, you’ll likely be hooked, and want to head back to the beginning—but you don’t have to in order to start things off.  But don’t wait too long or you’ll be disappointed that you haven’t been able to experience this captivating sci-fi series sooner.  Check out The Way to Baen: A Coalition Series Book – 5 on Amazon today!

Also, check out the trailer below:

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