Character Art – Dirk

Greetings, travelers!  It’s always a welcome day when we have the opportunity to look at our favorite lycanthrope from the world of Tellest, and today just so happens to be one of those days.  We’ve had a few iterations of Dirk commissioned throughout the years, but today is the first time that we receive one from Silky Noire, and in doing so, have him be a part of the Nine in a way that is consistent with the rest of the group.  Previously, we had never had all of our original heroes in the same style, but Silky is so diligent that we were able to lock it down for this set!

We started out with a sketch of Dirk, but decided we had to change a few details, just because he looked a bit draconic.

You’ll notice that in the below version of the image, we’ve changed the ears and the feet to look a little more canine.

With a splash of color, everything comes together that much better.  Dirk looks ever the stalwart warrior in Silky’s rendition of him, and we’re delighted to have this new iteration of the werewolf for our catalog.  It’s great to be able to continue bringing Dirk to new fans, especially considering how his story went for him in the legacy series!

This certainly isn’t the last time that we’ve collaborated with Silky, and there will be more to come very soon.  Remember to come back every Wednesday for more art from the world of Tellest!

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