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Greetings travelers.  We begin this week’s journey to the Otherworld by looking at an interesting science fiction in which the promise of a utopia is swiftly wiped away, only to have the fires of war beckoning once more.  Read on to learn more about The End of History: The World behind Walls.

Within the first few pages of their epic science fiction tale, T.I. Nikolaos demonstrates their passion for the subject, and for worldbuilding.  Indeed, in their story, The End of History: The World behind Walls, readers will feel an immense love of both the prose, and the story being developed.  Nikolaos develops a tale that puts a grand focus on the world and what can happen when it all burns down, but they do it while looking at characters through an interesting lens.  They carefully craft the characters’ motivations, their relationships with one another, and even their dialogue and accents.  These details, and how they coalesce, are why it is so easy to be immersed in the author’s story.

Is it a sad sight, watching your footprints disappear from the sand?

A bruise from our skin?

A memory from the world?

In a world torn asunder, a new Civilization rises from the old one’s remains. Its identity newly formed and the memories of our times forgotten. Now, five great Cities stand and grow, on a planet that is swiftly wiping away the painful memory of our existence from its surface; and its Citizens have decided that is for the best.

When a mysterious outsider manages to infiltrate the great City of Ozhefford, this utopic New World will come to know the reignition of a war long forgotten. Its calm and peaceful Civilization will be shaken to its core, and learn for the first time the meaning of terror.

A young engineer will be swept away into a tempest of power struggles, forced to navigate unknown paths, guided by both altruism and ego, idealism and realism, friends and foes, and an illegal Artificial Intelligence with attitude. Trying to uncover the mystery of their World’s origin, our protagonists will be thrown amid chaos, plots, and schemes and their decisions will affect the whole of Civilization on this planet.

“Once, this was a World where one lived wanting for nothing, as long as they are born on the right side of the gene pool. The rest could only ever hope to marvel in their presence. Then came the Rain…”

It is clear that the author put a great deal of forethought into the world they developed in this book, as they’ve both constructed and deconstructed history, lore, and mythology for the basis of the story.  It’s an interesting notion that isn’t touched on a lot, and it helps to drive the story forward in some clever ways.  There always seems to be a consequence to every action, and watching it all unravel can be a very fun experience.  Nikolaos is hard at work on more content all the time, so there’s never been a better time to explore what this author has on offer.  Check out The End of History: The World behind Walls on Amazon today.

And don’t forget to move fast to get the book on sale this weekend!

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