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Greetings travelers, and welcome to another stop in the Otherworld.  Actually, today we’ve got quite a few stops, as we’re going to be looking at an incredible anthology.  You may recall that we covered the International Writers of the Future Contest last year.  This year, countless new creators who love fantasy and science fiction just as much as you do put their passion to the test, and submitted their tales and their art to be judged and appreciated by the best in the business.  The winners are cataloged here in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 39.  Read on to learn more about this latest release.

Whether you’re looking for a hearty laugh, a surprised gasp, or a catching and stinging emotional barb that will stick with you, the talented winners of L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 39 will demonstrate why they’ve been selected as the best and brightest up-and-coming storytellers and illustrators.  They’ve just hit bookstores with the latest anthology today, ensuring that fanatics and connoisseurs will have plenty of new hits to enjoy, from soaring sci-fi romps, to more intimate looks at the human condition, and the pain we both inflict and persevere through.  Along the way, you’re treated to stories about the writers as well, helping you to understand why they’ve written the sort of award-winning content they have.  Those who pick up the book will also see the lovely illustrations of over a dozen gifted artists, who help to bring the stories to life in their own way as well.  It all coalesces into something that isn’t merely a collection of tales without a common thread, but a beautiful experience that you’ll no doubt appreciate.

Be amazed. Be amused. Be transported … by stories that take you by surprise and take you further and deeper into new worlds and new ideas than you’ve ever gone before….

Twelve captivating tales from the most exciting new voices in science fiction and fantasy accompanied by three from masters of the genre:

A miracle? An omen? Or something else? One day, they arrived in droves—the foxes of the desert, the field, the imagination; a vampire, a dragon and a shape-shifting Chihuahua meet on a beach in Key West, and fireworks go off; in a metaverse future, a woman who exposes falseness in others must decide what is real to her—the love she lost or the love she may have found; with her spaceship at the wrong end of a pirate’s guns, a former war hero must face down her enemies and demons to save Earth’s last best chance for peace; and many more…

Check out the stories Brandon Sanderson, Orson Scott Card, Nnedi Okorafor, Robert J. Sawyer, Kevin J. Anderson, Jody Lynn Nye and others chose as the best of the best.


This is one of those treats that I look forward to every year, and once you begin to make a habit of it, it’s a hard one to quit.  It’s all so varied, fresh, and captivating.  Whether you like space opera, time travel, or quirky urban fantasy, this is the collection for you.  These are the best new voices of fantasy and sci-fi, and it is a wonderful opportunity to find the next great stories that will stay with you long after you flipped the final page.  Check out L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 39 on Amazon today, and make sure you check out the other quick links and info below!


Notes for writers and illustrators:

L. Ron Hubbard started the contest to help discover and nurture new authors into the highly competitive field of publishing.  It is free to enter, there are cash prizes, and the winners are paid professional rates and maintain their rights.  The judges include Brandon Sanderson, Orson Scott Card, Nnedi Okorafor, Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert, Jody Lynn Nye, Larry Niven, Robert J. Sawyer, Katherine Kurtz, and many others. They select the best of the best from stories sent in from around the world, and they judge blind, making it a fair competition for all authors and illustrators who enter from anywhere in the world and of any color, gender, or age.

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