Sigil Art – The Adventurers of Eladia

Greetings, travelers.  Today we are going to look at a sigil that’s a bit different from a lot of the cities and settlements that we typically look at, and instead look at that of an adventurer’s guild.  Back when COVID first started out, and everyone was stuck on their own, I introduced a  story called The Whispers into the Tellest tapestry.  That was my way of bringing an essence of community into my life, since we were all sort of on our own, in our own little bubbles.  The Whispers was interesting in that it was a story that was told by having the readers dictate where the next chapter would go.  This changed the trajectory of not only what kind of hero the protagonist, Declan would be, but who he grew close to, and where he would go in his quest.

One thing that really wasn’t able to be chosen by the readers was where Declan ended up in the beginning of his quest.  Declan was basically sent to an adventurer’s guild, The Adventurers of Eladia, because they believed they could make use of his power, though it had seemed to dwindle by that point.  Ultimately, the first choice that readers had in dictating where Declan’s story went ended up as the sigil that we are using here.  A sword and a staff indicated that the guild had a pretty broad array of heroes.  They were also the first decision that Declan had to make, by way of whispering committee.

Something that I have to go back and definitively do is make sure that I know where the Adventurers of Eladia is based.  At one point I’ve linked it to Aeratul, the continent south of Draconis somewhat, but in my mind, I feel as though it took place in the same continent as Searchlight, and I have to ensure that one or the other is correct before I begin working on the story again.  That’s an important facet of learning where these banners fly!

Part of any good adventurers guild is spreading goodwill and letting people know of the successes and victories you might have.  After all, getting paid is a good part of any mercenary group’s continued growth.  It’s likely that the sigil would be painted on or around dungeons or other places where monsters or other evils had previously been present, in a way to let the rest of the populace know it was safe to be around that area again.  Simplified versions of this sigil would therefore be around wherever the Adventurers of Eladia had been.

As always, we leave you with one final picture: the phone background.  I hope you enjoy it!

In about three weeks, we’ll have another sigil coming your way, so make sure to come back then to see what new place we can explore a bit!

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