Sci-Fi Promo – Imperial Prince: Heir Apparent

Greetings, travelers, and welcome to another trip to the Otherworld.  A quiet week following the New Year makes way for an exciting one, as we have two spectacular science fiction stories to bring to your attention, starting with a sweeping space opera by a hardworking storyteller with a deep appreciation of the mythic scope of sci-fi fare.  If that catches your attention, read on to learn more about Imperial Prince: Heir Apparent.

Author Cathy Smith is a prolific writer, and Imperial Prince: Heir Apparent, is a grand adventure through space, led by an interesting cast with powers driven by their relationship to celestial bodies.  As a story of exploration—both of space, and of oneself—Imperial Prince succeeds in creating intrigue and awe for its readers.  With the backdrop of the galaxy behind this grand tapestry, and a magical fantasy veneer, Smith’s story is bound to delight many people.  Everything coalesces into a perfect blend that captivates and draws the audience in, with every chapter leading them to eagerly discover more.

In “The Imperial Prince,” a young boy’s life is transformed when he and his mother embark on a journey to Imperial space to receive medical treatment. However, their visit takes an unexpected turn when they discover that the boy’s grandfather has become the ruling Emperor of the Galaxy, and desires an heir to secure his legacy. In an instant, the boy finds himself thrust into a world of political intrigue, danger, and adventure as the heir apparent to the throne. With the help of his mother and a team of loyal supporters, he must navigate treacherous power struggles, fight for his place in the imperial court, and come to terms with the enormity of his new role. Will he rise to the challenge and become the leader his grandfather envisions? Find out in this epic space opera adventure!

With plenty of moving parts, there is always some exciting or rebellious thing transpiring in Imperial Prince.  Smith knows how to craft a tale that draws focus from one page to the next, and though this first-in-a-series is still substantial, it reads like a breeze.  Readers are likely to be hungry for more by the time they reach the closing lines.  Luckily, Smith is currently hard at work crafting the second book in the series, so there’s never been a better time to explore the galaxy than right now.  Check out Imperial Prince: Heir Apparent on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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