Sigil Art – Narwynne

Welcome travelers.  It’s time that we look at our first sigil from the continent of Tarson.  Tarson is an integral part of the Tellest tapestry, but we haven’t seen a lot there, because to some extent, we see the fruits of its labor in Saveon.  Tarson has a mighty ruler named Jaxom who has historically held the demons at bay.  And while that makes him a hero to some, he’s exerted his influence over others in some not-so-nice ways.

A city that perhaps sees him as a necessary means to an end is Narwynne.  They’re a goblin settlement along the southern mountains of Tarson that is known for their mining exploits, hence what you’ll see on the sigil.  Because of the demons that try to encroach on the continent—and the doorways therein usually being underground—mining is even more hazardous than in many other places in the world.  That said, Tarson is also known for the volume of their gems and precious stones, so the greedier goblins push through with less caution exercised than they should.

While the blue gem and the mattock are the most prevalent version of the Narwynne sigil, and it would have been for all of its history, there are likely to be cadet houses, of sorts, which might present in different ways.  You could see gems of different colors and shapes, or even different tools.  They would all be bound together by their common city, but would always be vying for some sort of importance, and would want to throw around their influence.

Part of what has earned Narwynne some of its strength is that they’ve been able to make use of what they mine to great effect.  They’ve established some sizable trade routes.  While they are likely to have a strong naval presence, they are somewhat of a landlocked city.  It’s more likely that if you saw a banner flying with the gem and mattock, it would be from the entrance of one of their many mines, or a watchtower meant to protect them.

Of course, not every mine is going to have a banner flying, especially those which have been newly fashioned.  If a new tunnel has been blasted out, or a previously unseen entrance into the mountains has been discovered, a quick smattering of paint would serve just as well as a flowing tapestry.  Of course, that carries its own risks, as the goblins of Narwynne are already stretched thin, and knowing that a new mine shaft has been discovered might make those using the tunnels an easy target.

As always, we leave you with one final picture: the phone background.  I hope you enjoy it!

We’ve certainly got more to come, and as of this writing, I’m happy to let you know that we have another set of 20 sigils that are on the way, thanks to Francois Jooste.  We’ll be adding them to the World Anvil, and will continue to bring more information about these awesome places from the world of Tellest!

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