Sapphire Square

General description

History and Name

The Sapphire Square is one of Atalatha’s oldest and most prestigious taverns.  Over the years it has acquired a finer dining feel, though it does still retain some of its rustic charms.

It comically acquired its moniker when the owner met with the master craftsman just after the foundation was laid.  At that time, the place was nameless, and only a painted outline was visible beside the stone.  Henceforth, it had become known as the Sapphire Square.



The tavern is located just north of Main Street on the western side of town.  It is also just east of the golden bridge that separates the upper class district of the city.


Clientele and the Endorsement of Eltan Mane

Because of its proximity to the upper class district, many nobles happened to attend the tavern as a matter of convenience.  Because of the polite and thoughtful treatment he received there, the Duke of Atalatha became a constant visitor.  It became his meeting place of choice, and has expanded remarkably because of his attendance.

Its proximity also makes it a prime location for the soldiers and guards of Atalatha, as the barracks is also on the western side of town.  The men in uniform will typically have their meetings there, including business arrangements with mercenaries and anyone else who might be in need of some spare coin.

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