Art: Mageborn Cover

While many of the people who have spent time on this site have seen variations of the cover of Mageborn, it’s difficult to truly appreciate all of Leo’s hard work with titling necessary for sales purposes, or cut down into thumbnail sizes.

Leo and I first started by discussing what was necessary for the cover of Mageborn.  We knew we needed to represent the main character, Adelia Kreegan, and we also knew that her interaction with the story’s feline companion would be a nice introduction to the most whimsical of the Tales of Tellest.  We also contemplated the inclusion of the major antagonist of the story, the great tyrant black dragon, Scar.

Ever one to give his clients a choice, Leo provided me with four options to choose from:








While each of those sketches were appealing to me in their own way, especially in light of some of Leo’s prior work, we decided to focus on one that had more of a hopeful, lighthearted cover instead:

Mageborn Cover Art Sketch



We were really able to capture that delightful whimsy, thanks to the runes and magic literally jumping off the page.  The sketch, while very ably demonstrating his talent, does very little to showcase just how powerful his skills as an artist.

Here is the final piece.  Take note of all the beautiful minor details – he did a wonderful job, and fully established his spot in Tellest history.


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